Leonard opened shop in London, off Savile Row, in the early 1970's.  He moved to New York City in the early 1990's.  Now, he runs one of the last true bespoke tailoring houses in the United States. 

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Photo taken in our midtown showroom.

Why we use the term "true bespoke"   

          The word “bespoke” is thrown around very often in people’s marketing—usually when companies are trying to make their garments sound exclusive and of superior quality. The correct definition of bespoke is when your garment is cut by the person who measures you. This level of skill can not be simply replicated—it is only possible with years of training. When we cut out one of our bespoke garments, your posture and body figuration are in the mind of the cutter (Leonard) while he chalks out your individual paper pattern.   



          A proper fitting garment needs more than just precise measurements. Taking your posture into account is equally, if not more, important. For example, most people have a low shoulder that they don’t know about. We cut the fabric on that side of the jacket accordingly. This is the only way to make a jacket look balanced and clean when sitting on your shoulders.  




Fabric, suits and whiskey.



          We have thousands of fabrics for you to choose from, of all weights, qualities, colors and designs. Largely woven in England and Italy, they are among the finest in the world.  



  Some clients like to be creative with their jacket lining. We have a large selection of "fancy linings" to choose from. Sometimes, we line our jackets with fine silk scarves from places like Hermès. We can even custom-print any design you want. Unless the wind blows or you're taking your jacket off, no one knows what lining is inside your jacket, so have fun with it!