Possibly the Most Ridiculous Thing to Ever Happen in one of our Suits:

There's usually no way of knowing what happens in our garments once they go out the door. However, the following occurred on live television at the Oscars. 

In 2012 we worked with costume designer Jeffrey Kurland to make many of the garments for the movie The Dictator

The clothes we made were, of course, very different from what we usually do. 

We were given sketches by the movie people to use as design templates for the costumes. 

He almost always personally tries on clients' garments, mimicking their posture, to make sure that the balance is right. 

It even involved making some bespoke suits for a child actor. 

To promote the movie, Sacha Baron Cohen appeared, in character, on various talk shows and public events. 

Interviewing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Interviewing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

All of his appearances were controversial at best, but this one, at the 2012 Academy Awards, takes the cake: