Not a Traditional English Shooting Vest

A man named Guy Bignell runs Griffin & Howe, which is a retailer of very high-end firearms. He's a friend and we've done business together for years. He wanted a new shooting vest, and said that he was open to any fabric/design. So we had some fun with it. 

Here he is, in a shooting cape we made for him: 

And here he is, in a photo that he did not know existed: 

We decided to custom-print a special lining for his new vest, so we gave the above images to our graphic designer. This is what he came up with: 

Hot pink seemed appropriate. 

For the vest fabric, we used a lightweight tweed, woven by Porter & Harding in Scotland. To make it more unique, we put a shawl collar on it:

The lining:

There was some left over lining material, so we made him boxer shorts as well:

The finished product: 

Not sure if he's wearing the boxers......