A Crazy Week: Costume Production in Hollywood

In the spring of 2013, we were working on the clothing for three movies: Winter's Tale, The Wolf of Wall Street, and RoboCop.

Samuel L. Jackson in RoboCop. Blazer fabric is 100% Cashmere, woven by Holland & Sherry in England. 

Samuel L. Jackson in RoboCop. Blazer fabric is 100% Cashmere, woven by Holland & Sherry in England. 

Because of Hurricane Sandy, the filming of Noah had halted for a week and so the filming of Winter's Tale was a week behind schedule as well–because Russell Crowe was starring in both films. Delays are not taken lightly in the film business, so needless to say, everyone involved in the movie was rushing like crazy. On one Thursday afternoon, we were told last minute that they needed 3 suits for filming on that coming Tuesday. At that point, we had not even started to make them–but we were up for the task. To make matters more complicated, that same day we were told that Leonardo DiCaprio had ripped his trousers on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street, after being tackled by a couple of fake FBI agents. They needed new ones as soon as possible as they obviously couldn't re-shoot any scenes with ripped knees.

We had our work cut out for us. Metaphorically, at least. 

The result: (see the knee)


Here's what we did: 



Two hours after we received word from the movie people, Leonard Sr. had cut out the pieces of fabric for the first Winter’s Tale suit, and given them to Leonard Jr., who took them on the next flight to London to deliver to one of our jacket-makers on Savile Row.

Meanwhile, Leonard Sr. was busy cutting out the new trousers for The Wolf of Wall Street, and the second/third suits for Winter's Tale. He did DiCaprio’s trousers first, as they needed to film with them on the next morning. Caesar, one of our trouser-makers, stayed the night in the workshop with Sr. to sew together DiCaprio’s trousers.

The fabric pieces of the second jacket were in the mail for overnight delivery to another one of our jacket-makers in Florida.



First thing in the morning, Leo DiCaprio was on set wearing his new trousers.

Leonard Jr. arrived in London and made his delivery to the jacket maker. He was back on a plane that same morning for an event in Boston the next day.

Simon, our main jacket-maker, began working on the third jacket.

Leo's new trousers

Leo's new trousers


Simon and Leonard Sr. worked all day making the third suit.

Our jacket-maker in London was working diligently from the other side of the Atlantic.

Our jacket-maker in Florida was doing the same.


Simon and Leonard Sr. were finishing up the second suit.

Leonard Jr. was back on a plane to London to collect the finished jacket from Savile Row.


That morning, Leonard Jr. had arrived in London to collect the jacket and was on his way back to America on the next available flight.

Our jacket-maker in Florida had mailed his jacket for early morning delivery the next day.


Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell were both filming in their new suits on the set of Winter's Tale in Brooklyn.


Leonard Sr. was on the set of Winter's Tale in Brooklyn, when the producer told him, last minute, that they needed a particular suit for filming the next day. At that moment, the jacket was being made by our jacket-maker in Florida and we hadn’t even started making the trousers yet.

So, Leonard Jr. was on the next plane to Florida to pick up the jacket. The jacket-maker met him at the airport and he was on another plane back to New York 45 minutes later.

Leonard Sr. immediately cut out the trouser fabric when he got back from Brooklyn to his shop.

Leonard Jr. arrived back at Newark at 11pm with the unfinished jacket.

Leonard Sr., Ceasar (the trouser-maker), and Mariana (she finishes the jackets and hand-sews the buttonholes) worked through the night. Caesar and Leonard Sr. had each put in over 23 consecutive hours of work before going home the next day.


Russell Crowe looked fantastic.