BESPOKE: When the fabric is cut by the person who measures you. 


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Leonard learned to make a suit on Savile Row in London in the early 1970's. Today, our suits are made in the same tradition in our shop on 53rd Street, from start to finish. 



We make suits from scratch in our shop on 53rd St. & Madison Avenue. While common on Savile Row in London, this is unique in Manhattan. 

Leonard measures, cuts the paper pattern and fabric, and fits every single bespoke garment. 

One of our jacket and trouser-makers then constructs a suit, completely by hand, out of the fabric that he cuts. We even have a tailor whose full-time job is to hand-sew buttonholes on garments that are ready to be delivered. 

There is a big difference between having your clothes made and fit by actual tailors, rather than salesmen, and we invite you to try it.